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About Us

Our Vision

A world where your essential technology is always safe and accessible when you need it, especially when you’re on the go.

Our Mission

Understanding more about you and how we can simplify your life by carrying, 

protecting, and storing what you need from day to day.

Experience – Fabrique has over 30 years of experience partnering with premium brands to design, track, and deliver protective bags and cases for a wide variety of uses.


Expertise – Our core expertise supports Technology, Travel, Sports Equipment, Education, and Medical Device markets.


Exclusivity – We offer exclusive designs and do not sell competing products under our own brand.


Quality – Fabrique builds quality products at competitive prices, giving them lifelong purpose, and strives to reduce our production footprint through sustainable technology.


Value – We create exceptional value from a design and manufacturing standpoint with an eye for efficiency and sustainability.


Worldwide Service – Fabrique manages worldwide infrastructure and operations teams, including a WOFE (Wholly-Owned Foreign Entity) in China since 2013 with the ability to engage in Domestic China business.

Our Values

Accountability – We deliver on our commitments and value honesty and transparency in the process.

Respect – For people; we listen to customers and team members, fostering long term growth and rewarding
                  good performance.

Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest standards in all our actions across our value chains.

Innovation – We practice creativity; we seek out and try new ideas; we learn and adjust.

Consistency – We are dependable and believe in establishing effective, repeatable processes for mutual success.

Sustainability – Fabrique realizes that most of the materials that go into the products we make today come from fossil
fuels and have a negative impact on the environment. Our Fabrique five year company strategy and critical focus area
is to transition away from relying on fossil fuels and becoming carbon neutral. To accomplish this we are researching
many new biodegradable recycled, and and organically grown materials. We are conducting reliability and durability
testing on the materials to ensure that the quality will be the same or better than what our customers expect.  
We will incent our suppliers and customers to transition over to the new materials. Our goal is to have 100% recycled
or carbon neutral products by 2023.

Our Story

Fabrique has over 30 years of experience as an OEM supplier, partnering with Tech, Travel, and Sporting Goods companies. We have offices in the United States, China, and Taiwan. Fabrique offers exclusive product design solutions backed by a global operations team, selling millions of units per year to customers like HP, Dell, Belkin, Kensington, Logitech, EPSON, V7, Showers Pass, Leapfrog and Defibtech.

In the early 1980's Fabrique had its start in the luggage business, selling premiere collections in France, Italy, and the United States.  Fabrique then became the first company to launch portable computer cases in the IT industry with IBM – way back when computers were very, very large. Since then, Fabrique has expanded its expertise, operations, and product portfolio.


In August 2020 Fabrique partnered with a new ownership group. The company evolution brings increased end-to-end control with expanded manufacturing capabilities in China, Cambodia, Indonesia, and more. Fabrique made this investment to further increase competitive advantages for our customers.

Our Team

Our team in the USA works hand in hand with our team in Asia to keep projects on track and moving forward to deliver the best products to our customers in an efficient and cost affective way.

Fabrique’s Global Team is the best in the industry and are responsible for all aspects of the business such as; sales, customer service, industrial design, logistics, and production with strictly enforced quality requirements. The company has significant investments in it's management team and selected overseas manufacturing partners. Fabrique fosters a culture of teamwork, along with in-depth customer focus. Senior management works closely with key customers, ensuring that the company makes the most of every opportunity to introduce new products and extend the life of existing products. The Fabrique USA team works closely with the company’s international offices in China, and Taiwan along with other worldwide manufacturing partners.

Our Experienced Design team has over 20+ years creating amazing designs that will enhance your brand.

They're experts in the field of designing and developing soft and hard good cases in the computer, technology accessories and outdoor travel gear markets. The design team works directly with our clients to drive innovative ideas and product solutions that fit their business criteria. The design team is directly involved in the product development ensuring that design integrity is maintained for every product designed.

Our Clients

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