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OEM Carry Cases & Accessories

Product Design Studio
For over 30 years, Fabrique has led OEM production for top technology companies, bringing innovative tech accessories to corporate and consumer markets.

Work & Clients

We design great bags and all sorts of accessory products from start to finish 

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What We Do


For over 30 years, Fabrique has led the production of OEM carry cases and related accessories for the world’s top technology companies. Headquartered in Branford, Connecticut, the company brings new age, innovative, technology accessories to both the corporate and consumer markets. Fabrique sells several million units per year to key international customers which include; HP, Dell, Belkin, Kensington, Logitech, EPSON, V7, Showers Pass, Leapfrog and Defibtech. Our clients resell Fabrique’s products in a “white label” arrangement, branding Fabrique designs and production to complement their company’s own tech offerings.

Who We Are


Fabrique’s Global Team is the best in the industry and are responsible for all aspects of the business such as: sales, customer service, industrial design, logistics, and production with strictly enforced quality requirements. The company has significant investments in its management team and selected overseas manufacturing partners. Fabrique fosters a culture of teamwork, along with in-depth customer focus. Senior management works closely with key customers, ensuring that the company makes the most of every opportunity to introduce new products and extend the life of existing products. The Fabrique USA team works closely with the company’s international offices in China, Taiwan along with other worldwide manufacturing partners.

What We Believe


We strive to create a world where your essential technology is always safe and accessible when you need it, especially when you’re on the go. Our mission is to understand more about you and how we can simplify your life by carrying, protecting, and storing what you need from day to day. We believe in supporting our clients for the long term by exceeding design expectations, quality standards, and production requirements.


We understand their needs and work closely with their marketing and design teams to design products that differentiate them in the marketplace. We have supported our clients for over three decades; constantly exceeding client's quality standards, production needs and advanced exposure to new design.

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